Septic Services

Septic System Services
In The Inland Empire

Since 1978, Bennett Excavation has been offering full septic system services in the Inland Empire. Our team is experienced, fast, and courteous. We also specialize in Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems! For all your septic system needs, call Bennett Excavation at (909)338-2609.

Septic System Repairs and Installations

Bennett Excavation provides septic work for a variety of problem situations. Sometimes tree roots grow into your lines and tank. If your septic tank is backed up or overflowing, it might be because it is a steel tank that is deteriorating. Let us install a gravity flow, lift, or sewage grinder pump system as needed, using ABS pipes that are thicker than PVC pipes. All of our work is performance in accordance with county codes and specifications. Our septic experts work with geological engineers to make sure your system passes county code inspections.

Septic Pumping

Bennett Excavation offer septic pumping! Our septic experts can pump your system, make sure the tank and leach lines are functioning, and then certify that the tank and lines are in working condition. You should get this done every 2–3 years for proper maintenance. If something goes bad at any time of day or night, call on us for 24/7 emergency septic pumping services.

5 star ratingIf you live on the mountain, or down the mountain, but especially if you live on the mountain (which is where I live), Bennett Excavation is the way to go. These guys know what they're doing. Plumbers recommend that you empty out your septic tank before doing any plumbing work for a reason. Because a lot of times your tank is just backed up. Not only did these guys know exactly where my tank was, they dug the ground up so fast and was able to tell me what the issue was. I had 3 other plumbers out here that told me that my cesspool was not my cesspool. They were wrong. Bennett knows where your tank is, if it's working, about how much longer it will last and will also let you know if they need to be called out in the future or not. Very strong guys for the digging. Professional and obviously knowledgeable. I called another septic company and Bennett's prices were better. Also bought some commercial grade septic enzymes from them to keep my system working without problems. Thank you Shawn and Brandon!

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Jeanie L.