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Septic System Services
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Millions of Americans rely on septic systems to process their household waste. If you’re one of them, you know how imperative it is that you keep your system properly maintained. The professional septic service technicians here at Bennett Excavation can help you keep your system functioning at an optimal level.

Why Choose Bennett Excavation As Your Go-To Septic Company?

We know you have a number of different choices when it comes to septic contractors, so we’ve worked hard to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. How? By providing the highest quality septic services for the money anywhere in the Inland Empire. Our professional technicians are efficient and friendly, and most importantly, all of our septic work fully complies with state and county codes.

A Full Range of Septic System Services

There’s no septic problem we can’t solve. Our full range of top-rated septic services include septic system installations, septic pumping, and septic system repairs.

Septic System Installation

As a comprehensive septic company, Bennett Excavation offers a wide range of septic services, including complete septic system installation. If you’re in need of a septic system for a new home or business, or you need a replacement system due to an old or damaged septic system, we’ve got you covered. Ask about our poly and concrete septic tanks.

Rest assured that when the professionals at Bennett Excavation take on a septic installation, we don’t go in blindly. First, we consult with geological engineers to ensure that your completed system will be code compliant.

Septic Pumping

Septic pumping is an often neglected home maintenance service, but it’s absolutely critical to the proper maintenance and longevity of your septic system. In order to ensure your septic system is clean and working optimally, we recommend a septic pumping every two to three years.

Bennett Excavation can pump your system for you, checking that both tank and leach lines are fully functioning. We even offer 24/7 emergency septic pumping services.

When a septic system isn’t regularly maintained, it can result in costly repairs or even the need for a total replacement. Don’t let your septic system fail due to neglect—call Bennett instead!

Septic System Repairs

At Bennett Excavation, we have the skills and expertise to repair your septic system at a fraction of the cost that it would take to install a new one. However, it’s crucial that you have your septic system evaluated at the first sign of disrepair, or a costly replacement may be necessary. Some early signs of a septic failure include foul odors, pooling liquid, and slow flushing toilets and drains. There are many reasons why a septic system could become damaged or need repair. For example, tree roots can invade your lines or tank. Alternatively, the tank itself may be deteriorating. Our expert septic company has a wide range of solutions available to remedy these situations, including gravity flows, lifts, and sewage grinder pump systems. When you need a professional septic company to look at your system, you need Bennett!

Yearly Preventative Maintenance Program Available

  • Locate and dig up septic tank lids.
  • Measure both sludge and bacterial matting
  • Check liquid level of septic tank
  • Check inlet and outlet baffles
  • Use motorized mixing tool to liquefy septic
  • Treat both sides of tank with enzymes
  • Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Catch costly problems before they start
  • Keep your septic system as sanitary as possible for the environment
  • Potential Problems Without Preventative Maintenance

  • Sewage back ups inside or outside of your home
  • Leach line or seepage pit failure
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