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Excavation is a necessary process to ensure society’s continued growth and development. It’s also a complex one, and great care has to be taken to do the job right. At Bennett Excavation, we hire the best excavation specialists in the industry, so that we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

Why Choose Bennett As Your Trusted Excavation Company?

It’s true—no job is too big or small for us. At Bennett Excavation, we’re known for doing excavation jobs that no one else will touch. Regardless of the terrain or conditions, we’re up for the challenge. If we can get our tractors there, we’ll take on the job. Plus, we’ll work with you to make sure you remain code compliant throughout the entire process.

Driven By the Industry’s Best Excavation Equipment

You may wonder how we can be so confident about our ability to take on difficult excavation projects. Our response? It’s all about the equipment! We’re powered by the industry’s best heavy equipment designed to tackle any excavation job big or small. Moreover, our vehicles and machinery undergo routine maintenance to ensure they’re always running optimally. This ensures they’re up to any task, and there are no costly delays due to inoperable or faulty equipment.

A Full Line of Top-Rated Excavation Services

We’re your one-stop shop for any and all excavation services. There’s never any need to go from contractor to contractor because our professional excavation technicians can take care of every step in the process from lot clearing, paving, and even sewer and water line installations. We truly do it all! The following is a list of our most popular and in-demand services related to excavation:

  • Sewer & Water Line Installations
  • Lot Clearing
  • Grading
  • Paving
  • Footing Digs
  • Dump Truck Service
  • Driveway Cuts

Don’t see what you need on the list? Don’t worry. Give us a call instead. Over our decades of experience in the excavation industry, we’ve seen it all and can accommodate virtually any request.

Efficient and Detail-Oriented Excavation

When you contract with Bennett, you get the best of both worlds. Not only are we extremely efficient in our work, but we also take care to get the job done right the first time. We have enough experience in the field (i.e., 40 years!) that we know precisely how to approach each task in the excavation process, and we’ve streamlined these duties to make the job go quickly. Even so, we never cut corners or produce less than the best results possible. You simply can’t go wrong with our team on the job site.

Economical Excavations

Excavation is a big job, but we can help you stay on budget with our affordable range of excavation services. Our fees are fair and competitive, and we don’t compromise on the quality of our work. Not ever.

Clearly, there’s good reason we’re the leading excavation company in the Inland Empire. Have an excavation job and need the professionals? Call Bennett today—we’re waiting to hear from you.

Service Areas

Crestline, Cedarpines Park, Rim Forest, Crest Park, Blue Jay, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead, Deer Lodge Park, Sky Forest, Cedar Glen, Running Springs, San Bernardino, Highland, East Highland, Rialto, Fontana, Colton, Bloomington, Bryn Mawr, Grand Terrace, Devore, Muscoy, Mentone, Redlands, Loma Linda, Oak Glen, Yucaipa, Beaumont, Cherry Valley, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village, Angelus Oaks.

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