10% OFF Septic Pumping Service

For New Customers Or Senior Citizens (Over Age 70)

10% OFF Septic Pumping Service

For New Customers Or Senior Citizens (Over Age 70)

Paving, Septic & Excavation Services
in The Inland Empire

Bennett Excavation is a local, family owned and operated business. We have built a reputation on our fast, courteous service. Our team treats your family like our own through thorough, honest business practices. We are the authority on septic installation and repair in the Inland Empire.
Our team has over 3 decades of experience working with septic systems in all conditions. We can repair your existing unit or install a whole new system for you!

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5 star ratingIf you live on the mountain, or down the mountain, but especially if you live on the mountain (which is where I live), Bennett Excavation is the way to go. These guys know what they're doing. Plumbers recommend that you empty out your septic tank before doing any plumbing work for a reason. Because a lot of times your tank is just backed up. Not only did these guys know exactly where my tank was, they dug the ground up so fast and was able to tell me what the issue was. I had 3 other plumbers out here that told me that my cesspool was not my cesspool. They were wrong. Bennett knows where your tank is, if it's working, about how much longer it will last and will also let you know if they need to be called out in the future or not. Very strong guys for the digging. Professional and obviously knowledgeable. I called another septic company and Bennett's prices were better. Also bought some commercial grade septic enzymes from them to keep my system working without problems. Thank you Shawn and Brandon!

Jeanie L. Avatar
Jeanie L.

5 star ratingI hired the Bennett family to empty my existing septic tank. They had availability and flexibility to fit into my busy schedule. They arrived promptly and were prepared for the job. When they completed the job, they had to deliver the bad news that my existing septic tank was well beyond its expiration and I needed a new one. I called around to other companies to see if I was getting a fair quote from Bennett or if anybody could offer a better price, but Bennett was the absolute best. I scheduled them to replace the tank, and they made an appointment which, once again, was convenient for me, my schedule, and my wallet. The job only took a few hours, and they came out, despite the weather being extra gloomy and mildly rainy. They left minimal marks on the property, despite the fact that they used a backhoe. Since the installation, we've had no problems with the septic tank or the drains in the house. Bennett Excavation was friendly, professional, down-to-earth, and a very pleasant experience, despite the frustrating septic situation. 10/10 would recommend to anybody for all your excavation needs. They'll be my first call, if I ever need their menu of services in the future.

Sayer H. Avatar
Sayer H.

5 star ratingBennett Excavation pumps our holding tank in Cedar Glen on a regular basis. They'd also installed and certified a septic tank on a previous property we'd owned. I'd highly recommend them.

Carol L. Avatar
Carol L.

5 star ratingShawn is a very reliable and does a great job. If you need any ditch digging or roadwork this is your guy. He has the equipment and some good employees working for him. He also installs septic systems. I highly recommend Bennett Excavation Services.

Richard L. Avatar
Richard L.